Complete tire service
while you wait.

Some of the services that we offer:

  • Installation of new and used tires as well as custom and steel wheels
  • Damaged tire repair
  • Disposal of used tires (free)
  • Buff and Seal Wheels
  • Repurchase of good quality used tires
  • Fast, friendly, and efficient service that carries a guarantee
Current Service Price List (as of 08/18/2012)
Buff and Seal $23 / wheel $2.50 with purchase of tires
Dismount, Balance, and Remount Tires $20
Flat Repair $23
Additional Patch in Same Tire $5
Plug (no guarantee) $17 each
Straight Labour $11 / wheel
Balance $9 / wheel
Valve Stem $2 each
Scrap Disposal FREE
Tire Rotation $30/ car
Buffing Hubs and Wheels $5
Install Tires (purchased at Good To Go) FREE